CE is an independent credit score modeler in the United States. We design, build, license and host our credit simulation solutions on behalf of a variety of businesses in the credit analysis market space who need custom applications. Those solutions can be incorporated into websites, mobile apps, consumer education programs or not-for-profit housing counseling among others.


We're a company known for innovation. We became among the first to offer a proprietary consumer credit score "free" to consumers through credit sites like Quizzle, iQualifier and our latest innovation; HLP.guru. We're helping consumers in the free credit score space and through major mortgage lenders who wish to help their borrowers better understand their credit.

We were among the first to use computational modeling technology to show housing counselors how behavior affects their credit by giving them access to the credit model itself.

We were first to develop highly efficient education systems for lenders to offer and assist their customers by better understanding how credit works.

Our innovation continues with the expansion of our market place network. Consumers can be helped with their credit needs within a growing network of directly-connected credit counseling firms nationswide. Our customers can track and manage education success while giving them greater market reach for their loan origination goals.

If you are a service provider or lender interested in developing solutions that educate and build better borrowers, call us today.


Find out what makes CE Analytics stand out from the rest.

Our offerings include:

  • Consumer Credit Scoring Analytics
  • Portfolio Risk Analytics
  • Mortgage Portfolio Segmentation Analytics
  • CE Score for Consumers and Lenders
  • Market Trending in Consumer Credit
  • Scoring Simulation
  • Consumer Credit Education Systems
  • Borrower Recover Systems

Our Team

  • Ed DeShields

    Ed DeShields

    CE Analytics has an team of professionals and experts in the field of consumer credit analytics with over a decade of designing innovating models to educate consumers with granular scoring and simulation models.