Consumer Analytics

We are the operator of CE Credit Analytics Network, and the premier enterprise system for credit management. CEA serves the consumer and lender markets with advanced analytics on consumer credit and behavioral trends through custom-built applications defined by our clients.

Portfolio Analytics

We offer analytics for third-party examination and pricing for mortgage portfolios holders who wish to disposition mortgage assets or to price-to-trade strategies.

Real Estate Services

We are experienced in direct investments in distressed residential, lease-to-own program services and property related insurance services.

What We Do

CE technologies are designed to span large groups of enterprise processes: the mortgage process, the home building process and the credit qualification and education processes. Each process typically involves many unique entities or organizations.

We provide lenders valuable insight into credit-challenged customers and an opportunity to view their portfolios analytically. The CE Analytics program is a unique proprietary science that correlates specific credit behavior into building better borrowers through a proprietary science. Additionally, our services help credit professionals understand developable mortgage applicants without increased infrastructure costs.

Science in Synergy

In today's lending environment new levels of transparancy and safety are in demand. CE Analytics is design to help lenders better understand the early warning signs of potential distress while translating this unique perspective into real estate services that can be implemented by industry professionals.

  • CE Analytics offers a world class product in the consumer analytic market space.